Transforming Urban & Community Planning Practice

With PLANNING2050,

Cities and Communities will improve critical systems to become carbon neutral, equitable and resilient by 2050.


is an Initiative that will help transform planning practice to ensure positive outcomes when planning for social equity, resilience, and climate change. It also aims to accelerate data analysis and systems thinking in Urban & Community Planning, while aligning planning practice with global UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Why 2050?


is a non-profit organization that will support, monitor and ensure development, evolution, and transparency of PLANNING 2050

The American Planning Association (APA) is one of the supportive partners , among various professional organizations, that will have an advisory role for PLANNING2050

Systems Thinking

Understanding interconnectedness of systems with the power of geospatial analysis
Data Analytics

Exploring beyond performance metrics: Data regression, predictive analytics, and statistics

Design Solutions

Guiding design solutions based on data and multi-system analysis

Foundational piece of planning practice that will help discover and generate LISAs and LIRAs.
Planners and Professionals of the built environment generate these baseline assessments.
If you are you a professional in planning practice, YOUR WORK will contribute to this initiative. Connect with us

Governmental entities will voluntarily create, sign, and monitor their actionable strategies = COMMITMENTS.
These commitments are aimed to align with global measures and goals such as UN SDGs.


Our final goal is to create, maintain, and monitor a database of LISAs and LIRAs.

About PLANNING2050

PLANNING2050 is an initiative that evaluates current planning practices, purposefully searching for solutions that are based on data-analytics and systems thinking.

Through the generation of commitments, and the monitoring of these through time, we aim to better understand the interconnectedness of systems, and the unintended consequences of current planning practices.

Through a systems planning approach, and data analytics, PLANNING2050 aims to transform planning practice by reporting, creating, monitoring, and maintaining a database of actionable strategies that will be successful, scalable and/or replicable.

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